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General information

General information

This area contains information about what asbestos is, where it was typically used in Queensland and what health risks asbestos poses.


What is asbestos?
Information about where asbestos comes from and the different types of asbestos.

How was asbestos used?
The differences between bonded and friable asbestos.

Are there health effects?
Simply living or working in a building containing asbestos is not dangerous as long as it is in good condition.

The risks of exposure
The likelihood of any particular person developing an asbestos-related illness depends on a number of factors.

Health monitoring
Health monitoring is required for certain workers involved in asbestos removal or other asbestos-related work.

Legislation and codes of practice
Find out more about what the law requires.

Asbestos contaminated dust or debris
Requirements and obligations for the 'minor contamination' of asbestos contaminated dust or debris (ACD).

Guidance about safely managing structures and asbestos contaminated dust that may be present following a fire.

Cleaning up after floods and storms
Information for home owners, businesses and volunteers who are involved with a clean up and recovery of damaged buildings.

Importation prohibited
Importation of asbestos is prohibited.

Government and agency roles
Find out about Government agencies and what they do to manage asbestos.

Asbestos in government assets
The Queensland Government is committed to managing and controlling asbestos containing material in government controlled buildings.

Court summaries of asbestos related prosecutions.

Sanctions against asbestos licence holders
Summaries of sanctions taken against asbestos licence holders.

Asbestos on-the-spot fines
Summaries of on-the-spot fines.