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Asbestos on-the-spot fines

The Office of Industrial Relations actively enforces the law, issuing on-the-spot fines for a range of work activities involving a high risk of exposing person/s to asbestos, in accordance with the enforcement framework.

When an on-the-spot fine has been issued for an asbestos related event, summaries of some of these events are provided below.

Details that would identify the person and/or business have been removed from the summaries.


Details of asbestos on-the-spot-fine E239184

  • Incident date: 17/02/2017
  • Location: Keperra 
  • Description: The PCBU was a painting contractor engaged by a homeowner clean the roof and outer walls of a residential premises prior to painting. In proceeding with the job, the PCBU directed and allowed his worker to use high pressure water spray to clean the roof. This activity generated asbestos contaminated dust and debris (ACD) and lead paint debris within the boundaries of the yard of the use.

Details of asbestos on-the-spot fine E241345

  • Incident date: 11/04/2017
  • Location: Edge Hill
  • Description: The PCBU used a 20t Doosan Excavator to demolish a residential structure owned by a friend. Demolition took approximately 45minutues. Complaints were made to WHSQ and the local council. Issues raised were that the demolition was done without any warning to persons in the vicinity of the building, with no controls to prevent exposure to airborne ACM or control the risk of flying debris.


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