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Body corporate and apartment owner occupiers


Is my body corporate a PCBU?
Understand when or if your body corporate has obligations under the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 (PDF, 883kB).

Asbestos in body corporate common areas
Common property may include doors, windows, walls or some floor areas. It is very important for the body corporate to consider whether their building or other common areas may have asbestos containing materials. If the body corporate is shared commercial and residential and there is asbestos or if the body corporate assumes there is asbestos an asbestos register may be required.

Warning others asbestos may be in your home
Think about your family and your neighbours. Identifying that your home may contain asbestos will assist tradespeople and contractors who work at your house to ensure the work is carried out safely.

Common locations of asbestos in domestic and commercial buildings
Many asbestos products were used in Queensland homes.

Which businesses are licensed to remove asbestos in Queensland?
Search for a business that holds a Class A or Class B licence to remove asbestos. A licensed asbestos assessor is also required to carry out air monitoring, clearance inspections and issuing clearance certificates for friable asbestos removal (Class A removal).

Tips when hiring a contractor
Licensed asbestos removal contractors can be found in a phone directory or online by searching under asbestos removal.

Removing or disturbing asbestos
There are specific requirements for asbestos removal or minor works or maintenance around asbestos containing materials. It is also important to know about prohibited activities (such as using power tools and pressure cleaners), notifications, licences as well as advice about clean ups after floods, storms or fires.

Transport and disposal of asbestos waste
You must comply with laws about the transport and disposal of asbestos.

Guidance about safely managing structures and asbestos contaminated dust that may be present following a fire.

Cleaning up after floods and storms
Information for home owners, businesses and volunteers who are involved with a clean up and recovery of damaged buildings.

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