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Common locations of asbestos in domestic and commercial buildings
Typically asbestos can be found in many places in Queensland homes.

Testing for asbestos
Laboratories can analyse building materials for asbestos.

Prohibited activities
Queensland laws prohibit the use of certain tools and work methods when working with asbestos-containing materials as they can generate dangerous airborne asbestos fibres.

Licensed asbestos removal work
A licence is required to remove any amount of friable asbestos and if you remove more than 10 metres squared of non-friable asbestos.

Wearing protective equipment
Wearing the right personal protective equipment is essential to protecting your health when working with asbestos.

Safe work procedures
It is important that safe work procedures are in place when carrying out asbestos work or asbestos-related work to prevent fibres becoming airborne.

Transport and disposal of asbestos waste
You are obliged to comply with laws about how asbestos can be transport and disposed of.

Asbestos disposal information
Find where you can dispose of asbestos at your local government or private asbestos waste facility.

Which businesses are licensed to remove asbestos in Queensland?
Details of businesses that hold Class A and Class B licences to remove asbestos. A licensed asbestos assessor is required to carry out air monitoring, clearance inspections and issuing clearance certificates for friable asbestos removal.