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Asbestos news

Asbestos news

The latest news, announcements and media statements across Queensland Government on asbestos related issues.

Asbestos Awareness Week 20 November – 24 November 2017
Asbestos Awareness Week is a great opportunity to raise awareness about working safely with asbestos and to help Queenslanders easily identify asbestos materials in their homes.

Maintenance, inspection and testing of H-Class vacuum cleaners
Workplace Health and Safety Queensland has produced a new guide for users of H-Class vacuum cleaners capable of cleaning up asbestos.

Roofing company exposed workers and public to asbestos
A Brisbane roofing company has been fined $100,000 and convicted in the Brisbane Magistrates Court for failing to handle and safely dispose of asbestos.

Asbestos Awareness Week highlights hidden dangers in older homes
Industrial Relations Minister Grace Grace today launched National Asbestos Awareness Week (21-25 November) in Brisbane.

Asbestos Awareness Week 19-25 November 2016
The Asbestos Awareness Week is a great opportunity for us to make sure you know where asbestos materials can be found in your home before you start work on a renovation project, and to show you what to do before you to disturb it.

Working on swimming pools this summer? Watch out for asbestos
Workplace Health and Safety Queensland has published a new asbestos guide for tradies and contractors involved in maintenance, repair or renovation work of concrete pool shells.

Grace to Dutton on asbestos imports – "attack problem, not workers"
Federal Immigration and Border Protection Minister Peter Dutton must address the issue of asbestos imports rather than attack construction workers who expose the issue.

Dutton fails Queensland on deadly asbestos imports
A shocking report supressed for five months shows the Turnbull Government is failing to stem the flow of deadly asbestos into Australia, and ultimately onto Queensland construction sites including 1 William Street.

Dutton must come clean on asbestos border control
Queensland is calling on Border Protection Minister Peter Dutton to publicly release a review of Australia's asbestos border control management, following two serious asbestos incidents on opposite sides of the country this week.

Queensland demands tougher asbestos controls from Commonwealth
Queensland is calling on the Commonwealth to step up its efforts to prevent the importation of asbestos containing materials into the country.

IR Minister meets with electrical apprentices to highlight asbestos safety
Minister for Industrial Relations Grace Grace today joined a group of apprentice electricians in Rocklea on Brisbane's southside to highlight the importance of asbestos safety.

New asbestos health monitoring to commence 1 January
Health monitoring is used to identify changes in a person's health status because of exposure to certain substances, and is useful where a valid technique exists to detect a known health effect.

Asbestos report card shows progress under state-wide strategy
The Queensland Government has released the second report card under the state-wide strategy to deliver a coordinated approach to the regulation and management of asbestos in Queensland.

Gilly supports efforts to rid family home of asbestos
Minister for Employment and Industrial Relations Grace Grace today met with a Brisbane family who lost their son to mesothelioma to highlight the importance of asbestos safety.

International Asbestos Conference emphasis individual vigilance
Homeowners thinking about pre-Christmas home renovations are being warned to arm themselves with information about the risks of inadvertently disturbing asbestos as part of a push to raise community awareness this November.

Asbestos strategy report card two
The second progress report under the Statewide strategic plan for the safe management of asbestos in Queensland.

Help to raise asbestos safety awareness this November
Asbestos Awareness Month is held nationally to remind the community about how to work safely with asbestos products during home renovations and maintenance.

Asbestos identified in crayons sold within Australia
This safety alert provides a warning about trace amounts of asbestos detected in some brands of children's crayons imported into Australia.

Asbestos Awareness Month - November 2015
November is Asbestos Awareness Month and a time to be reminded about the risks of disturbing asbestos products during home renovations and maintenance. Throughout the month there will be displays and activities to help raise community awareness about asbestos.

State funds for urgent asbestos incidents
The Queensland Government is developing fund guidelines in consultation with the Local Government Association of Queensland that will provide information for councils on the circumstances in which they can apply for reimbursement of the costs of cleaning up priority asbestos incidents.

Induction and safety training for unlicensed work
It is essential that workers know how to identify and work safely with asbestos. This information will assist tradesman employers (such as plumbers and electricians) induct and provide a level of safety training to their workers doing asbestos-related work and small amounts of non-licensed asbestos removal (up to 10 metres squared).

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