Workplace Health and Safety Student Program 
Hospitality and Tourism Industry 

Welcome to Safety Sense, an on-line health and safety induction package for secondary school students undertaking work placements and work experience in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry as part of their school curriculum.  

This package should be done after the General Safety Sense package.  

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This package is designed to help young people improve their knowledge and understanding of occupational health and safety issues related to this industry before they enter the workplace. It is also useful for young people who are already in the workplace.  

This package contains information on:  

  • responsibilities of employers and employees; 
  • hazard identification; 
  • manual handling; 
  • slips and falls; 
  • machinery and equipment; 
  • noise; 
  • electricity; 
  • hazardous substances; 
  • contact dermatitis; 
  • heat stress; 
  • burns and cuts; 
  • emergency evacuation procedures; and 
  • the right to refuse work. 
This package will help you understand occupational safety and health hazards and laws and provide some practical solutions to common health and safety problems in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry.  

If you complete this package successfully you will receive an on-line Safety Sense Certificate issued by the Department of Industrial Relations. This Safety Sense Certificate recognises your understanding of basic occupational health and safety in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry and prepares you for your experience in workplaces.  

Safety Sense is a Workplace Health and Safety Queensland initiative.  



Your first job, whether it's full-time, part-time, casual or an apprenticeship, can be an exciting and demanding experience as new responsibilities and expectations are placed on you in a working environment.  

Employers provide students with valuable opportunities to gain experience in the workplace. It is important to understand that employers have responsibilities towards you, and that you also have responsibilities towards them.  

Health and safety at work is everyone's responsibility. It is important that you have a general understanding of health and safety for the industry in which you will be undertaking your work experience or work placement.  

While you are at a workplace on a work placement or work experience, the employer is responsible for ensuring the workplace is safe, including:  

  • providing safe work areas, machinery and equipment; 
  • providing information, instruction, training and supervision; and 
  • providing personal protective equipment. 
The employer must ensure that your health or safety is not harmed in any way.  
You must take responsibility for looking after your own health and safety, and not put others at risk. 
This includes:  
  • following safety instructions; 
  • using equipment carefully; and 
  • reporting hazards and injuries
Young workers are usually keen to work hard and do well. They also have a much higher risk of being injured at work than older workers. 
Workplace Health and Safety Queensland believes one reason so many young workers are injured is that they are not aware of their rights to be properly trained, supervised, cared for and provided with a safe and healthy environment.  

Common Hazards   

There are common hazards that exist in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry. It is important to learn about these hazards and how to work safely in these environments.  

Within this industry you may be involved in a range of work activities such as food preparation, cooking, bed making, cleaning, food and beverage service, and operating office equipment.  

Safety Sense
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