Workplace Health and Safety Student Program 
Hairdressing Industry (Continued) 

Hairdressers often work long hours. Most of this time can be spent standing or bending over. 
Where possible, you should use appropriate seating such as ergonomically designed stools. You should also consider the importance of appropriate footwear such as low heeled, comfortable, covered shoes.  
It is important that regular rest breaks are taken. This includes allocating time for rest breaks, and allowing time to gradually get used to a new job. 
Where possible, tasks should be varied throughout the day.  

Even though you may be young and new to the job, as a young employee you have a responsibility to speak up if you feel your job is too difficult, too tiring or puts you at risk of injury.  

It is the employer's responsibility to provide you with safe work procedures, and with instruction, training and supervision for tasks.  

Tools of the Hairdressing Trade  

A wide variety of tools and appliances are used by hairdressers in their daily work.  

These include:  

  • scissors; 
  • dryers; 
  • combs and clips; 
  • styling rods and rollers; 
  • rubber caps; 
  • chemical products and other hazardous substances; and 
  • cleaning products and equipment. 
Employers should take all reasonably practicable steps to see that work is done safely.  

These responsibilities include:  

  • maintaining work areas, equipment and machinery in a safe condition; 
  • organising ways of working safely; 
  • providing information, instruction, training and supervision of employees to enable them to work safely; 
  • making sure that employees are aware of potential hazards; and 
  • providing protective clothing and equipment. 

Safety Sense Certificate  

Now try the self assessment questions. There are 16 questions and if you get 12 or more correct you can receive a Safety Sense Certificate, Hairdressing Industry, issued by the Department of Employment, Training and Industrial Relations.  

Self Assessment Questions  

You have worked through a variety of information about occupational safety and health in the Hairdressing Industry. The knowledge you have gained will help you as a work placement or work experience student, and will prepare you for becoming an employee.  

As you work through the questions, you must think of yourself as an employee to answer them correctly.  

The questions are in a True/False format. You should indicate your answer to each question by clicking on the circle next to the option you select. When you have answered all questions, click the 'Submit Your Answers' button at the end of the test. Your answers will then be assessed and your result displayed. If you answer at least 75% of the questions correctly you can receive an on-line certificate which can be printed and retained to show you have completed this Hairdressing Industry component of Safety Sense.  

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