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Asbestos registers and management plans
An asbestos register is required for workplace buildings unless constructed after 31 December 1989 and no asbestos is present.

Asbestos removal and licensing
Requirements for asbestos removal licensing, clearance inspections and air monitoring.

Asbestos-related work
Asbestos-related work means work involving asbestos, such as maintenance work that involves disturbing asbestos.

Transitional arrangements
Transitional arrangements for asbestos have been phased in from 1 January 2012.

Prohibited activities
Queensland laws prohibit the use of certain tools and work methods when working with asbestos-containing materials (ACM) as they can generate dangerous airborne asbestos fibres.

Safe work procedures
It is important that safe work procedures are in place when carrying out asbestos work or asbestos-related work to prevent fibres becoming airborne.

Asbestos within electrical installations
Information and guidance on the location and safe removal of asbestos from within electrical switchboards, meter boards and control panels.

Safety training and worker induction
A stuctured outline designed for employers, registered training organisations, vocational education students and the Queensland Building and Construction Commission.

Asbestos Work Health and Safety Action Plan
This Asbestos Work Health and Safety Action Plan 2011 - 2016 outlines what WHSQ will do to reduce exposure to asbestos fibres arising from work related activities until 2016.

Information and guidance materials on asbestos related topics and issues.