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Operating near powerlines

Setting-up near powerlines or electrical equipment

Working near powerlines is restricted under:

One of the requirements is that workers and plant should maintain an 'exclusion zone' of 3 metres around live overhead power lines of up to 132kV.

Greater 'exclusion zones' apply to high voltage lines (6 and 8 metres depending on the voltage).

In certain limited situations, exceptions may apply - refer to Appendix B of the Code of Practice - Working Near Exposed Live Parts for further details.

When operating plant near power lines, you must have an 'exclusion zone' around overhead power lines:

There are a number of devices available to prevent contact with power lines, or reduce the degree of risk in the event of contact including:

Irrespective of whether safety devices are being used, the 'exclusion zone' must not to be encroached.

More information on working near exposed live parts.